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Amaryllis bulbs?

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs import amaryllis bulbs from Peru for their high qua colors and fast bloom times. We start shipping early October to ensure that our customers have ready-to-bloom amaryllis pots to sell throughout the whole season. Most of our amaryllis have three stems per bulb and four flowers per stem and each bulb is individually labeled with a colorful elastic tag. Interested? On this page we tell you more about our amaryllis bulbs.



  • Best amaryllis bulbs
  • Different amaryllis varieties
  • Ideal for dry sale
  • A lot of beautiful colors
  • Top quality, top sized
  • Extensive choice
  • Excellent service
  • Future ready

Best amaryllis

Amaryllis collection

Amaryllis collection

You can order also special amaryllis collections by Ruigrok Flowerbulbs. Take the new counter collection, for example. A vintage wooden create filled with 18 amaryllis bulbs in 8 different varieties. Each bulb has a full color elastic tag. We have also a luxury amaryllis kits. The luxury amaryllis kits is a gift ready to grow. This beautiful glossy box with a large pre-potted amaryllis bulbs makes a perfect gift for the holiday season! You can only order this special collection by phone, e-mail or regional sales representative.

Our amaryllis