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Leucojum ‘Aestivum’

Giant Snowflake

Also known as Summer Snowflake. They have clusters of white, bell-shaped flowers with lovely green dots. Leucojum Aestivum is great for naturalizing.

Leucojum bulbs are also known as Summer Snowflake.  Leucojum bulbs feature clusters of 3 to 6 pendulous, white, bell-shaped flowers with lovely Green dots; which dangle from long, fairly sturdy stems.

Leucojum bulbs are great for borders, containers, near a pond and naturalizing.  Leucojum bulbs are about 12 inches Tall.  They prefer moist locations and will flower late in the season.

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Growing Tips

Planting Depth: 5" (12.5cm) Spacing: 3-4" (7.5-10cm) Bloom Duration: 2-4 weeks

Informations complémentaires

Common name

Giant Snowflake

Hardiness Zone



12 Inches


1 Inches

Planting Depth

4 Inches

Bloom Time

Early Spring

Shipping Season





Average, Indoor Forcing, Mass Planting, Naturalizing, Partial Shade, Rock Garden, Sun


Box of 250 Bulbs, Size 8/10


  • Leucojum bulbs are perfect for borders, containers, near a pond and naturalizing
  • We supply top sized Leucojum bulbs (8/10)
  • Leucojum bulbs perform best in full sun but will tolerate some shade
  • Leucojum bulbs dislike wetnes and require well-drained soil
  • Fertilize Leucojum bulbs when the foliage pushes through the soil in spring. We recommend a general low-nitrogen fertilizer to help them return year after year.
  • When planting Leucojum bulbs, you should always place the pointed end up
  • Leucojum bulbs should be planted at a depth of Double the height of the bulb
  • Have a look at our tips on planting and care