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Amaryllis Peruvian ‘Picasso’


Super Strong Peruvian Amaryllis with large, white flowers and fine red edges. Peruvian Amaryllis bulbs guarantee Christmas blooms.

Bulk Peruvian Amaryllis Bulbs, suitable for drysale and forcing. We begin shipping in the first week of October, to ensure ready to bloom for the Holiday season.

These Amaryllis bulbs are grown in the Inca Valley of the Andes Mountains, this area is largely free of rain, preventing stagonospora. They are grown under insect nets, to prevent spread of disease. The sandy soil helps avoid damages at harvesting.

Temperature, water, fertilization and light conditions are carefully monitored to optimize growth and bud content, positive selection is used before multiplication. Extensively dried in drying tunnels prior to export



  • Bulk Peruvian Amaryllis Bulbs for drysale or forcing
  • Shipment starts first week 0f October, ensuring ready-to-bloom for the holiday season
  • These Amaryllis bulbs are grown in the Inca Valley of the Andes Mountains
  • The sandy soil helps to avoid damages at harvesting
  • Highest quality Amaryllis bulbs, grown under excellent conditions

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Bulk Tray of 16 Bulbs, Size 36/38, Bulk Tray of 25 Bulbs, Size 28/30