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Begonia ‘Odorata Pink Delight’

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Big blooms, super scented, perfectly pink. Begonia Pink Delight is truly delightful. This summer beauty is a perfect choice for pots and hanging baskets and loved by bees and butterflies.

Belgian Begonias are wonderfully scented, rich flowering plants. They are an ideal choice for pots, containers and hanging baskets. The plants colorful flowers are fragrant.

High quality Begonia bulbs from Belgium, available in different shapes and colors. Cheer up te summer garden! Available in bulk and attractive retail packaging, order via our webshop!

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Additional information

Bloom Time

July – November




12 Inches


12 Retail Packages of 3 Bulbs, Box of 100 Bulbs

Shipping Season

Early Spring


5/6 cm


  • Belgian Begonias are ideal for pots, containers and hanging baskets.
  • Flowering from July – November
  • High quality bulbs, size 5/6 cm
  • Available in attractive retail packages and bulk
  • Plant in March with the hollow side up, just below the soil level and place in a light, warm spot.
  • Shoots begin after 5-6 weeks; provide maximum, but non-direct sunlight.
  • Take outside once the danger of frost has passed
  • Order summer flowering bulbs and tubers via our new webshop!