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Dahlia Ball ‘Franz Kafka’

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Franz Kafka is a beautiful lilac pompon dahlia, the smaller version of a ball dahlia. The flowers measure 2-3” diameter. This dahlia produces lots of flowers, guaranteeing blooms all season. Lovely addition to the border!

Ball Dahlias feature tall growing, multi-flowering, perfectly round flowers. They are a great choice for the garden and as cut flowers. They produce lots of flowers al season long.

Combine your ball dahlias with dinnerplate and decorative varieties for a beautiful mix. We have wholesale dahlia tubers available for retail, landscaping, forcing and parks and gardens. Contact our salesteam for assistance !

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Additional information

Bloom Time

July – November




40 Inches


10 Retail Packages of 1 Tuber, Box of 25 Tubers

Shipping Season

Early Spring




  • Ball Dahlias are great for the garden and as cut flowers
  • Flowering from July – November
  • top quality, top size Dutch Dahlia tubers
  • Shipped directly from Holland
  • Available in attractive retail packaging and bulk
  • Winter hardy in USDA zones 8-11
  • All dahlias must be lifted before first frost and stored indoors for replanting next Spring
  • Order summer flowering bulbs and tubers via our new webshop!
  • Ordering from the US? Place your order via our partner ADR Bulbs.