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Dahlia Cactus ‘Alauna Clair Obscur’

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Cactus Dahlia ‘Alauna Clair Obscur’ is a real eye-catcher! It has a beautiful deep purple color with pure white tips, the petals are slightly ruffled and twisted, giving the flower a lot of depth. A gardeners favorite!

Cactus Dahlias are suitable for cut flowers, landscape and are the best group for borders. This class feautures tall growing, double blooming dahlias with spider like flowers that grow up to 8 Inches in diameter.

Combine Cactus Dahlias with dinner plate dahlias and decorative dahlias, to create a lot of dimension in the garden. Order your wholesale dahlia tubers via our webshop, shipping to Canada!

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Additional information

Bloom Time

July – November




36 Inches


10 Retail Packages of 1 Tuber, Box of 25 Tubers

Shipping Season

Early Spring




  • Suitable for cut flowers and landscape, best group for borders
  • Flowering from July to November
  • Wholesale dahlia tubers for Canada
  • Winter hardy in USDA zones 8-11
  • All dahlias must be lifted before first frost and stored indoors for replanting next spring.
  • Available in bulk and attractive retail packaging
  • High quality tubers, grown in Holland
  • Shipped directly from the Netherlands
  • Order wholesale summer flowering bulbs and tubers via our new webshop
  • US customers can place an order via our partner ADR Bulbs