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Dahlia Dinnerplate ‘Kelvin Floodlight’

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One of the largest dinnerplate dahlias, in a bright yellow color. The flowers are fully double and grow on strong, sturdy stems. They will remain upright and straight, even after wind and rain.A great addition to the border.

Dinnerplate Dahlias are decorative type with huge flowers up to 10 inches in diameter. Dinnerplate dahlias make impressive border plants and are also suitable for cuts. Stake the plants to protect the heavy blooms from wind and rain. Make sure to place your Dahlias in a sunny spot, they will produce even more flowers and bloom for an extended period of time.

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Additional information


10 Retail Packages of 1 Tuber, Box of 25 Tubers





Bloom Time

July – November

Shipping Season

Early Spring


40 Inches


  • Dinnerplate Dahlias are decorative type with huge flowers up to 10” diameter.
  • Wholesale Dahlia tubers for Canada
  • Flowering from July to November.
  • Available in Retail packaging and Bulk
  • Stake the plants to protect the heavy flowers from wind or rain
  • Winter hardy zones 8-11
  • All dahlias must be lifted before first frost and stored indoors for replanting next Spring.
  • Order dahlia tubers and many other summer flowering bulbs via our new webshop! 
  • US customers can place their order via our partner ADR Bulbs