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Gladiolus Callianthus ‘Muriliae’

This fragrant gladiolus Callianthus produces lots of hanging, star shaped blooms on tall stems. The flowers are pale white with a purple center. They bloom from late summer to early fall.

We offer a diverse selection of summer flowering bulbs that are a perfect choice for gardens, pots and containers. Most varieties are quite short, and make a nice combination with our dahlia offering. Our miscelaneous bulbs are available in bulk and retail packaging.

Order your summer flowering bulbs before December 15, they will arrive in early Spring!

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Additional information


15 Retail Packages of 25 Bulbs, Box of 250 Bulbs


6/+ cm



Bloom Time

June – November (varies)

Shipping Season

Early Spring


  • We offer a diverse selection of specialty bulbs
  • Our specialty bulbs are available in retail packaging and bulk.
  • The bloom time varies, from june – november
  • Combine specialty bulbs with dahlias, callas and lilies.
  • Shipped in early Spring