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Gladiolus ‘Conca d’Oro’

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This fiery gladiolus variety grows bright orange flowers with a yellow center. It can easily reach 4 foot height and produces multiple flowers per stem. Conca d’Oro looks great in the back of the border and make good combination with Canna lilies and Dahlias.

Gladiolus bulbs produce a staggering array of vivid colors on tall flower spikes. Ideally suited for cut flowers, also perfect for perennial gardens, borders and containers.

Gladioli bloom from August – November and will return for several years. Plant them in a sun rich spot and make sure to water them regularly.

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Additional information

Bloom Time

August – November




45 – 65 Inches


10 Retail Packages of 10 Bulbs, Box of 100 Bulbs, Tray of 500 Bulbs

Shipping Season

Early Spring




  • Gladiolus grow a staggering staggering array of vivid colors on tall flower spikes.
  • Gladiolus bulbs flower from August to November.
  • Available in retail packaging and bulk
  • Hardy in USDA zones 7-10
  • Gladiolus grow 4 foot flower spikes with more then 20 flowers per stem.
  • Excellent choice for forcing, also suitable for the garden.
  • 10 – 12 weeks from planting to bloom
  • Gladioli prefer full sun, plenty of water and good drainage.
  • Order wholesale gladiolus bulbs online at Ruigrok Flowerbulbs
  • US customers can place their order via our partner ADR Bulbs