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Lily Tiger ‘Red Velvet’

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The name says it all. A beautiful deep red tiger lily with dark freckles. This variety grows 45” tall and produces multiple, recurved flowers that are slightly hanging.

Our diverse selection of lilies offers some great options for landscape and gardens. Asiatic lilies are the first to bloom, in early to midsummer. Some of the shorter asiatic lilies varieties are suitable for pots. The next lilies to bloom are Martagons, they grow 3-4 feet tall and have dainty, 3-inch flowers with recurved petals. Trumpet lilies bloom in midsummer. Tiger lilies have large, freckled, pendulous blooms with recurved petals. The Oriental Trumpet lilies have giant upward-facing blooms and intense fragrance.

Lilies originate from Asia and grow well in full sun to light shade. Make sure your lilies are planted in well-drained soil.

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Additional information

Bloom Time

June – August




45 Inches


12 Retail Packages of 3 Bulbs

Shipping Season

Early Spring


14/16 cm


  • Our diverse selection of Lilies is well suited for gardens and landscape.
  • Asiatic lilies start the season in early to mid summer, some of the shorter varieties are good for pots.
  • The next lilies to flower are the Martagons, also known as Turk’s Cap lilies.
  • Trumpet lilies bloom in midsummer
  • Tiger lilies are very hardy and have large, freckeld, pendulous blooms with recurved petals.
  • Oriental Trumpet lillies have huge upward facing blooms and intense fragrance.
  • Lilies grow well in full sun and light shade
  • Even more than other bulbs, lilies need well-drained soil
  • Available in retail packaging only
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