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Puschkinia Scilloides ‘Libanotica’

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Puschkinia Libanotica is a Spring-flowering bulb with small, light blue blooms. They are easy to grow and look great in rock gardens and pots. 

Puschkinia’s are also known as Striped Squill.

Puschkinia bulbs produce multiple flowers per stem, and stay low to the ground. They are deer and rodent resistant, and will return for several years. Puschkinia’s perform well in rock gardens and low borders.

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  • Also known as Striped Squill
  • Flowers early in Spring
  • Short stems (4 inches)
  • Multiple flowers per stem
  • Great for naturalizing
  • Deer and rodent resistant
  • If treated well, Puschkinia’s will return for several years