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Biggest Amaryllis bulbs!

Our dry-sale orders for the USA and Canada are packed and on the way across the ocean!

This means we are getting ready for the next step in our production and export system; packing and shipping our wholesale Amaryllis orders!

Amaryllis bulbs for forcing

We are sold out in Peruvian Amaryllis bulbs, but still have lots of amazingly big Dutch Amaryllises available in all shapes and colors!

Dutch Amaryllis bulbs are a great choice for both forcing and retail. Our big bulbs grow 3 stems per bulb, and every stem guarantees at least 4 flowers per stem or more. If you are looking for more information about forcing Amaryllises, please contact us!

Retail Amaryllis bulbs

We have several different packaging options that are excellent for retail purposes. Try our pre-potted Amaryllis bulbs packed in festive boxes, which are a great gift-item for the Holidays!

Our top-size 36/38 Amaryllis bulbs are also available in display boxes of 10 bulbs, which can be placed at a prominent place in your store! Each bulb is labeled individually, providing your customer with the right information about planting and care.

We also offer vintage wooden crates, with an assortment of 18 best-selling Amaryllis bulbs in 8 different varieties. All bulbs are labeled individually with a colorful elastic tag. A full-color poster is included to make sure the bulbs stand out.


Our best-selling Dutch Amaryllis bulbs

Still have doubts about what Amaryllis bulbs to choose for your fall-assortment? We have made a selection of best-selling Amaryllis bulbs, that your customers will be excited about!

Red Lion

Red Lion must be the most popular red Amaryllis of all time! The bulbs grow strong, tall stems with giant flowers. They are long-lasting and have a beautiful deep red color.

Christmas Gift

As the name already tells you, this Amaryllis is a perfect choice for the Holiday season! The flowers have a pure white color with a green hart and slightly ruffled petals.


Carmen is another popular, red Amaryllis variety. The classic color is an all-time favorite and an excellent choice for retail purposes.


Barbados bulbs grow giant, deep red flowers with a star-shaped white center. This striking Amaryllis will amaze your customers.


Amaryllis Gervase grows giant flowers in darker and lighter pink color variations, making every flower unique. Gervase is a great choice if you want to broaden your assortment and offer more than the classic red and white Amaryllises.

Ordering Amaryllis bulbs

You can browse our Amaryllis collection via our product page or online catalog. Shipment starts half September!

If you have any questions about ordering your Amaryllis bulbs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Best wishes,

The Ruigrok Team


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