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We first started growing flower bulbs in 1910. Today, almost 115 years later, we grow about 300 acres of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils at our farm and surrounding locations in the  Dutch bulb district. In 1946, we shipped our first flower bulbs to customers in the USA and Canada, and have shipped millions of bulbs each season ever since.

With our own farm and close partnerships with selected growers, we oversee the entire bulb production process, from planting to field selection and harvesting. As flower bulb distributors ánd growers, we know the market inside out. This allows us to offer the most extensive, performative assortment at competitive prices.

Trust our reputable name for your wholesale flower bulb needs, backed by generations of experience in delivering the finest quality bulbs. Discover our extensive assortment of wholesale flower bulbs today!

our family farm in the netherlands

Our business
is bulbs

We specialize in bulbs for forcing, landscaping, parks, public gardens, U-pick festivals and local retailers.  Find out more about each of these categories and how we serve your specific needs below.

Forcing Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Bulbs for
Compose your greenhouse program.

Bulbs for

Best varieties and outstanding mixes for your project.

Retail Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Bulbs for

Top size bulbs, appealing packaging.

Parks Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Bulbs for
public gardens

Create outstanding spring displays.



Tulips are the perfect addition to extend your U-pick season.

Why buy with

Top size, top quality bulbs

All of our bulbs and tubers are top size only and go thru a rigorous inspection process (including MRI scanning and USDA and Canadian pre-inspection) prior to export.

Most extensive choice fall bulb program in the industry

Knowing our industry as both growers and traders, we’re always ahead of the latest trends. We carry over 450 different spring flowering bulb varieties and are introducing new varieties every season.

Competitive pricing

As both growers and exporters, we keep the entire production and shipping process in house, this allows us to offer the highest quality bulbs at attractive pricing. Delivered straight from our farm to your door.

What you see is what you get

The photos on our website and in our catalogs are carefully chosen to reflect how the blooms truly appear in the fields. Many of these photos were taken on our own farm fields and Tulip Barn show garden.


We 100% guarantee our bulbs to be viable, healthy and free from injurious insects and disease upon receipt. We guarantee that all our bulbs are grown from cultivated stock (never harvested from the wild). All of our bulbs are inspected by the United States, Canadian and Dutch Departments of Agriculture. We give no warranty of to viability of our product after 10 days after receipt. We cannot guarantee survival of our product after this time due to factors that are beyond our control, such as improper storage or planting, extreme weather conditions or poor soil.

Please feel free to contact our bulb experts for any questions you might have regarding storing, planting, soil conditions etc. We’ll help you reach optimum results.

Our bulbs are not treated with neonicotinoids. Pesticide use is heavily regulated in the Netherlands and extensive research has been done on this topic.


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