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We specialize in retail packaging
for independent retailers

Elevate your retail offerings and differentiate your program from big box competition. Our retail packaging features only top-size bulbs, ensuring superior quality and performance. With clean, colorful and unique packaging, you can captivate and create a distinct identity.

Unlike other bulb suppliers, we prioritize independent garden centers, florists and hardware stores throughout the USA and Canada. We do not sell to big box stores. Customize your program to your specifications by ordering individuals in small minimums, or select best seller displays. Partner with us to enhance your retail flower bulb selection, and delight your customers with exceptional bulbs that produce superior blooms!

Bin box

A comprehensive bulb program to fit your needs!

We have retail packaging suited to the needs of a wide variety of clients.

  1. Retail Packages

Many of our 450 varieties are available in retail packaging. These varieties can be ordered individually in small minimums, allowing you to customize your own bulb display. For customers that prefer a ready-made solution, our new retail store collection includes our 40 best sellers in a re-usable wooden display. UPC codes appear on the front a each package.

  1. Bin Display Boxes

Our versatile bin boxes are popular with both independent gardens centers and landscape professionals. Colorful plant ID tags are included with each box. Consumers can handpick their own bulbs, and tear of a tag as they go. All bulbs are devided into 6 suggested price groups that correspond with the color on the plant ID tag, and suggested retail pricing is included with each shipment. UPC codes appear on the front of each box and on the back of each tag.

  1. Bulk Trays

Ideally suited for landscape use and mass plantings, all varieties are available in bulk trays at discounted pricing. A colorful picture ID card is included with each tray.

  1. Value Packs

Our value packs allow an independent garden center to compete with their big box neighbors by delivering top size bulbs at a competitive price point. Each variety is packed with an individual picture card, UPC code and full color poster affixed to the front of the display poster.  The value packs have 25 bulbs per package, 16 packages per unit.

  1. Jumbo Landscape Bags

Popular with both homeowners and landscape professionals, these items feature 50 bulbs per netlon bag, available in a wooden pallet display or as container refills of 8 bags per unit.

Easily order your retail bulbs
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Browse through our webshop to discover our extensive retail flower bulbs assortment.

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Order early

Orders for retail packages will be shipped directly from our farm in the Netherlands, starting August 15th. Our order deadline is July 14.

Sameday shipping USA

Our warehouse in the U.S.A., ADR Bulbs carries around 75% of our product range in stock and has a gigantic fall inventory. ADR Bulbs will fulfill all orders for customers in the U.S.A. placed after September 15th on a same day shipping schedule.

Customers in Canada

We ship directly to you from our farm in the Netherlands. Due to difficulties in shipping foreign products from the USA to Canada, we are not able to serve you from our NY warehouse. Please contact us for availability and shipping options any time!