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U-pick tulip festivals are gaining popularity rapidly, as tulips are the perfect addition to extend your U-pick business with an extra season! As one of the most popular flowers worldwide, many people associate tulips with the first signs of spring.

U-Pick Ruigrok Flowerbulbs
U-pick Ruigrok Flowerbulbs


The last decade, Ruigrok Flowerbulbs has specialized in supplying U-pick farms. We can help you launch a perfect U-pick tulip festival from A-Z. Our bulb-experts will help you planning with everything you need! Considering soil type, soil temperatures, ideal planting time, climate, weed control, machinery, planting equipment etc, we will make a tailored plan to set your first tulip season off to a good start. Offering the biggest assortment in tulip bulbs in the United States and Canada, we will make sure your tulip festival will be exploding with color in spring! We will help you pick out the best varieties and can provide you with a detailed planting plan accordingly.

We’re currently supplying over 40 agritainment farms in the USA, Canada and UK and we run the biggest Tulip Festival in Holland ourselves.

The Tulip Barn
Our trial garden!

n 2021, we started the Tulip Barn in Hillegom as an addition of our family business. This season, over 50.000 people from all over the world visited our show garden to enjoy millions of tulips in bloom and take that perfect picture among the flowers. The Tulip Barn serves a dual purpose as a gigantic test garden for new varieties and bulb blends. Each mixture that you find in our catalog & online has been carefully trialed, tested and showcased at The Tulip Barn to ensure stunning results for you and your clients. Flip through the photos below to see some of our newest special U-pick tulip blends!

Directly from
the grower

When you buy your U-pick tulip bulbs with Ruigrok, you buy directly from the grower. We’ve been growing and trading tulip bulbs since 1910. With over 100 years of experience, we’re happy to call ourselves bulb-experts. We currently farm over 300 acres of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils annually and are purchasing flowers bulbs from Holland’s finest growers additionally.

This allows us to offer the most extensive range of flower bulbs at competitive prices. Our assortment always carries all-time favorites and the latest trends,  offering over 400 different flower bulb varieties and 40+ mixtures.
We ship millions of bulbs to the US and Canada every year.

U-pick tulips
your next (ad)venture

Please feel free to contact us any time without obligation, to find out more about U-pick tulips. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch with Simon directly, or call our office at +31(0)252 515 821.

We’re attending many tradeshows in the United States and Canada from January – April. Our team is happy to welcome you at our booth!