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Bulb of the month: ‘Narcissi Double Delnashaugh’

As you know, we offer a wide variety of spring and summer flowering bulbs such as: tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, muscari, alliums, dahlias and gladiolus. This month we nominate the ‘Narcissi Double Delnashaug’ as flower bulb of the month. We are your flower bulb expert so it is only logical we will tell you everything there is to know about this beauty.

Wholesale flower bulbs

Wholesale ‘Narcissi Double Delnashaugh’ flower bulbs are best suited for beds and borders in small groups, so their shape stands out. The flower itself doesn’t have a cup, but it has a filled center. Which makes it look unlike the ordinary Daffodil you already know and see everywhere. ‘Narcissi Double Delnashaugh’ flowers are a generally tall class of daffodils (14-18 inches tall).

Top sized daffodil bulbs

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs supplies top sized wholesale daffodil bulbs, 12/14 or 14/16, depending on the cultivar. ‘Narcissi Double Delnashaugh’ perform best in full sun, but they also tolerate some shade. They dislike wet feet and require well-drained soil.

Planting daffodils

But how do you plant these beautiful flower bulbs? When planting daffodil bulbs, you should always place the pointed ends, the nose, up. Daffodils should be planted at a depth of double the height of the bulb. The planting depth is 6” (15 cm) with a spacing of 6-8” (15-20 cm).

Early flowering

Fortunately, you can already enjoy this daffodil very early in the season. ‘Narcissi Double Delnashaugh’ flower bulbs will flower early in the Spring.

Do you know…

… we supply wholesale daffodil bulbs direct from our nursery in the Netherlands?

… we supply bulk daffodil bulbs as well as bulbs in retail packages & bin boxes?

More daffodil bulbs

Daffodils are advertised in a variety of different sizes and ways throughout the industry. Beside the ‘Narcissi Double Delnashaugh’ there are more species of daffodils, for instance:

Order flower bulbs

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs, located in De Zilk, in the Netherlands, is one of the largest bulb growers and exporters in Holland today. We offer high quality flower bulbs to greenhouse growers, landscapers, public gardens and garden centers in the U.S.A. and Canada. We are busy shipping our flower bulbs to customers all over the USA and Canada at the moment. Didn’t order yet? Place your order online today at our website: A.D.R. Bulbs.


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