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Landscapers, plant your flower bulbs!

The sun isn’t shining the whole day anymore, the nights are getting colder and our busiest time of the year is almost over… But now is the time for the landscapers to plant our beautiful flower bulbs in many public and private gardens and parks. What kind of flower bulbs will you plant coming season? Oops, do you need flower bulbs? Order online from our webshop: A.D.R. Bulbs.

Great colorful landscape mixtures

Perhaps you will choose our colorful landscape mixtures. During our visits to botanical gardens and parks and landscape professionals in the U.S.A. there was a lot of interest for bulb mixtures of various bulb types. Following the demand of our customers we introduced our Colorful Longlasting Mixture, composed of 8 bulb varieties. These blends guarantee at least 50 days of blooming. Ordering is easy and each mix will give you about 100 square foot. If you need a mixture that is not listed, just let us know, we are more than happy to help you create your own mix.

Highest quality

We only deal in genuine bulbs of the highest quality and biggest in size. Our tulips for instance are sized 12/+, our daffodils are 14/16’s or 12/14’s and our hyacinths are 16/17’s. We stand by our product for 100% and guarantee that they will arrive in optimal condition and that they will give you optimal growing results.

Pre-cooling treatments

For gardens located in southern states that benefit from pre-cooling treatments, we will offer this complementary process to ensure success in growing.

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs is your expert for landscaping tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and many other spring flowering bulbs. Ruigrok Flowerbulbs has a long reputation in supplying bulbs to landscape specialists. Our flowerbulbs are of high quality and are planted at public and private gardens, parks, cemeteries, golf courses and much more!

Order online at A.D.R. Bulbs

Did you order your flower bulbs already? Place your order online today at our webshop: A.D.R. Bulbs. Check out the website for current availability and fast delivery!


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