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Monthly Update July

A little later than planned, but here’s our monthly update for July! It has been an extra busy month!

We have finished harvesting and cleaning our tulip bulbs and just started packing our dry-sale orders.

Packing & shipping

In July we receive a lot of bulbs we order at our fellow bulb growers, that all get delivered by truck. Meaning that somedays, we have more than 50 trucks a day coming to our warehouse. With over 500 bulbs varieties in our assortment, this is a logistical challenge. We receive the bulbs, store them in our climate cells, inspect them at our sorting belts, count the bulbs in crates and boxes, put the boxes away on racks and start order picking and shipping in August. Every step in the process is carefully monitored and saved in our systems, so we have a good overview.

Prior to shipment, our bulbs are inspected by the USDA and Canadian CFIA, making sure that once our bulbs arrive in the ports of the US and Canada, they can go straight to our customers and won’t be delayed because they still have to be inspected.

Placing orders

Our deadline for early orders has closed, and we will be busy packing and shipping your orders in August!

But don’t worry if you haven’t placed your order yet, we are still open for late orders and Amaryllis orders. If you need help or advice for placing your order, don’t hesitate to contact our salesmen!


The Ruigrok Team


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