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Flower bulbs directly from the grower? Then you are at the right place at wholesale nursery Ruigrok Flowerbulbs. Our family owned business has a long history of exporting flower bulbs to the United States and Canada, starting in 1910. Many of the bulbs that we trade are grown at our own nursery. We keep the entire process of producing flower bulbs in hand. From planting, to field selection and harvesting. Our quality bulbs are shipped directly from the farms of Ruigrok Flowerbulbs. We know everything about the process of growing bulbs, which is a great advantage in purchasing the best quality flower bulbs from selected growers as well.

Our bulb farm | Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Wholesale nursery
Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Our wholesale nurseries are located in De Zilk, the Netherlands in the heart of the Dutch flower bulb district. Currently we farm over 300 acres of crocus, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in the southern and northern bulb district. We are one of the largest growers and exporters in the Netherlands today. Our crew takes great pride in growing our premium flower bulbs and closely monitors the fields during the growth cycle of the bulb.

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Top size, top quality

Wholesale nursery Ruigrok Flowerbulbs only deals in genuine bulbs of the highest quality and biggest size. Our tulips for instance are sized 12/+, our daffodils are 14/16’s or 12/14’s and our hyacinths are 16/17’s. Our bulbs go through a rigorous inspection process (including MRI scanning and USDA and Canadian pre-inspection) prior to export. Many of our bulbs are grown at our own wholesale nurseries.

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Buy wholesale flower bulbs straight from our farm in the Netherlands.

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100% guarantee by wholesale nursery Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

We 100% guarantee our bulbs to be viable, healthy and free from injurious insects and disease upon receipt. All our bulbs are grown from cultivated stock. We stand by our product 100% and guarantee that they will arrive to you in optimal condition and will give you optimal growing results. If this is not the case, we will replace them. No questions asked.

Our bulb farm | Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

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To order flower bulbs from our wholesale nursery you may submit orders by phone, email, your regional sales representative or online. Easily add the bulbs of your choice to your online list on our website to request a quote. If you have any questions about our flowerbulbs, please contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you!

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