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A daily summer day at Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

It’s Summer! This means no beach, cocktail or holiday for us, because it is the busiest period of Ruigrok Flowerbulbs. Our peak season is Summer, when the bulbs are harvested, cleaned, selected, packed and shipped to the U.S.A. and Canada. Do you know how a daily summer day looks at Ruigrok Flowerbulbs? Here some impressions from our flower bulbs season at our nursery in the Netherlands, which is, so to speak, in full bloom.

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Large quantities of bulbs

Most of our quality flower bulbs are already indoors at the moment and are almost ready for shipping. Before we ship the flower bulbs to the U.S.A. and Canada, we have to get them ready for packaging. All of our wholesale flower bulbs are available in a wide array of retail packaging designed exclusively for independent garden centers.


Retail packages

Our most popular flower bulb varieties are also available as collections in retail packages. Each collection contains 40 packages in 4 different varieties, with the exception of daffodils, which consist of 28 packages. These collections are carefully constructed based on sales history, bulb type, height, color and bloom time for a comprehensive and easy retail display.


Meet our team

In Summer the whole team works hard and each team member of Ruigrok Flowerbulbs has their own responsibilities. May we introduce you to Natascha and Jan? Natascha is responsible for all retail packing and promotional materials. Jan is Operational Manager at Ruigrok Flowerbulbs and responsible for all the bulb shipments during the harvest and shipping season.

Natascha - Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Jan Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Flower bulb retailers

We supply to independent garden centers, florists and hardware stores throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Our tulips for instance are sized 12/+, our daffodils are 14/16’s or 12/14’s and our hyacinths are 16/17’s. We stand 100% by our products and guarantee that the bulbs will arrive in optimal condition and that they will give you optimal growing results.

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

In our catalog we offer more than 400 bulb varieties and mixes. Didn’t order your flower bulbs yet? Place your order online today at our website: A.D.R. Bulbs.


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