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Harvesting season is here!

Here at Ruigrok Flowerbulbs, we are getting ready for our busiest time of year. After having bloomed exuberantly on our fields, our flower bulbs are now ready to be lifted off the fields and be prepared for shipping. From June 15th, we are harvesting our carefully grown flower bulbs and getting them ready for you to order! Farming over 250 acres of crocus, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips takes quite a bit of careful planning and organization. We pride ourselves on keeping the entire production process in our own hands, from planting and field selection to harvesting, cleaning, grading, quality control and packing.

Harvesting season Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Production process

After blooming, the flower bulbs start to grow. The weather in May and June strongly influences the crop. We are always hoping for moderate temperatures (not too hot, not too cold…) and a good rain shower now and then.  Sofar, we are having good “bulb weather” this season! Our flower bulbs are lifted from our fields in June-July. The bulbs are washed, dried, cleaned, graded and checked, packed and prepared for shipping to clients all over the world, who have already placed their orders. Only the best and biggest bulbs are good enough for our customers. Our qualified staff checks each bulb before packing, using modern equipment. The bulbs are then stored in our state-of-the-art climate rooms, where they receive the best temperature treatment prior to shipping.


Quality control

Our enthusiastic team takes care of carefully packing the bulbs so they arrive at our customers in the same high quality condition in which they left us. Quality control is a continuous point of interest with us and we strive to maintain only the highest quality of flower bulbs. Ruigrok Flowerbulbs supplies to greenhouse growers, garden centers, landscape specialists and flower bulb retailers. Public and botanical gardens, parks, cemeteries and golf courses all over the world have come to depend on our fine flower bulbs. With over 4 generations of expertise at our fingertips, they cannot go wrong. There is no better representation of the love for our work than our flowers. If you have ever seen our nursery or visited the Keukenhof you will know this to be true.   


Order now

If you haven’t yet put your order in, now is the time! Make your choice from our extensive online catalog and place your orders. We are of course always happy to advise you with your choice or provide you with a quotation if so desired. Until July the 20th, you can order directly with us for early delivery. After July the 20th, you can place your orders through the webshop of our U.S. wholesale branch:  ADR Bulbs. After July 20th Canadian customers can also order with us for delivery end of September.



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