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Harvesting season is upon us!

At Ruigrok Flowerbulbs it is peak season because we are in the middle of our harvest. Which means that all our flower bulbs are being lifted out off the ground to be carefully prepared for shipping. Our wholesale flower bulbs are available in a wide array of retail packaging designed exclusively for independent garden centers as well as bulk bulbs for professional landscapers, public parcs and gardens and greenhouse growers.

Perfect weather for digging

With our new digging machine we harvest 6 to 7 acres (3 ha) a day. We are lucky to have perfect dry weather which really helps us speed up the bulb harvest. After digging we dry the bulbs for a week before we start cleaning and grading. Watch our video to see a summer day here at Ruigrok Flowerbulbs.

Shipping to the U.S. and Canada

And then we ship them! Once cleaned and graded in bulk, the bulbs are packed to be shipped overseas to you. Need some help picking out the right bulbs for your company? Check out our catalog to see all the shades, shapes, varieties and sizes of our amazing flowers.

Tulip harvest in the Netherlands

Due to the heatwave in May and June the growing period for the bulbs has been shorter than normal. This results in an overall moderate harvest at all bulb regions in the Netherlands. As shortages are expected to occur, some varieties will be sold out early. We advise you, our customer, to send in your orders as soon as possible!


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