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Our hyacinths fields are in full bloom!

Spring is here! Our hyacinths field in the Netherlands are in full bloom. At the Ruigrok Flowerbulbs nursery we grow 55 acres of hyacinths.

Cultivating hyacinths

The common method of propagation is by cutting the “mother bulbs”. We take high quality selection bulbs which are 100% free of viruses and bacteria. These bulbs are harvested in July. We carefully cut out the base of the bottom of the bulb and store them in climate controlled rooms for temperature treatment. A lot of tiny little bulbs will start to grow at the bottom of the bulb. These bulbs are planted by hand in late November.


The first summer the little bulbs will have grown out of the old “mother bulb”. In fall they are re-planted to continue their growth. Growing a full size hyacinth takes 3 to 4 years. Selecting the bulbs during their growth is vital. From the first leaves coming up in spring until the harvest in July, we continuously inspect our hyacinth fields to keep them clean of viruses and infections.



Hyacinthus orientalis is a bulb type from the “asparagus family” and has a long and interesting history. It originates from the eastern Mediterranean area, from Turkey to Lebanon. The cultivation of hyacinths started in the Mediterranean and later on it moved to France. At present, the Netherlands is the home of the hyacinth. In 2016 the total Dutch hyacinth culture covers around 2400 acres. By ongoing refinement new cultivars have been created, that have much stronger and denser flower spikes and last longer than the older cultivars.



Forcing hyacinths

Ruigrok Flowerbulbs specializes in hyacinth bulbs for greenhouse production: for cut flowers as well as pots.

Early production

For early production, before December 15th, we offer French hyacinths: bulbs that we are grown in France for one year.


For forcing from December 15th until January 10th we offer Dutch early prepared hyacinths. These bulbs are lifted around June 20th and have received a sequential temperature treatment to advance flower formation

Pot and stem production

For pot production after January 1st and stem production after January the 20th we supply unprepared hyacinths, which have been dug up after June 20th. They get a temperature treatment that results in optimal flower formation.

Read more about forcing. More information on our bulbs? Contact our expert Simon Ruigrok.


The fragrant flower spikes are perfect advocates of spring. Suitable for borders, bowls and containers, combine well with early and mid season flowering tulips. See how the Keukenhof experts take care of their hyacinth borders!




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