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Meet our top 5 Darwin Hybrid Tulips!

In this article we would like to introduce you to our top 5 Darwin Hybrid tulips. These bulbs are all grown at our own farm and of top quality!

1. Pink Impression

Pink Impression must be our absolute favorite pink Darwin Hybrid tulip! It has a beautiful, bright pink color with a silky glow . It’s flowers are big and bold and will stand even the rainiest Spring weather. This tulip is easy to grow and looks beautiful in beds, borders and containers.

Big fan of Impression tulips? Try our Impression mixture!

2. Novi Sun

We have recently added Novi Sun to our nursery and are really glad we did! This tulip has the most beautiful, bright yellow flowers that are long lasting. This tulip is a great variety for landscaping, but also performs really well as a cut flower.

3. Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress tulip is a Ruigrok-exclusive pure white Darwin Hybrid variety. We started growing this tulip 4 years ago and have developed a great crop. Wedding Dress is one of few white Darwin Hybrid tulips and is an excellent cut flower, ideal for Spring weddings!

Try combining it with white Muscari and light pink Hyacinths for a romantic Spring display.

4. Banja Luka

Looking for a multi-colored Darwin Hybrid tulip? Banja Luka is your best choice! Banja Luka is a sport of the famous Apeldoorn tulip, and has red and yellow feathered petals. It’s big flowers can reach up to 6 inches when fully open, making them stand out in every garden. They combine beautifully with other mid to late Spring tulips.

We have also added them in our Darwin Hybrid mixture!

5. Triple A

This tulip lives up to it’s name! Triple A is one of the best orange tulips there is. With its bright color, sturdy stems and enormous flowers, it will steal the show in every garden. Try combining them with Fritillaria Rubra and Hyacinth Gipsy Queen for a stunning Spring display.

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Still have some questions? Feel free to contact us!

The Ruigrok Team



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