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Pre-order your Spring flowering bulbs

Today is March 1st, which means our 2023 Fall bulb program is available again for pre-order!

This year’s Spring bulbs are ready to bloom anytime soon and we can’t wait! In a few weeks time, the Dutch Bulb District will be in full bloom again, filled with the most beautiful tulip-, daffodil- and hyacinth fields.

Flower bulbs are nature’s promiss and blooming tulips mark the start of Spring, something a lot of people are looking forward to!

Our advice? Go out and enjoy Spring! See any tulip / daffodil / hyacinth / muscari / crocus variety you like? Make sure to add it to your online shopping cart!


Our customers should receive their new printed 2023 Fall bulb catalog and order form anytime soon. Click here for a preview!


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