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Allium Tall ‘Atropurpureum’

Ornamental Onion

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Atropurpureum is a late flowering allium, in an extraordinary red-purple color. This allium produces tall flowers, that attract lots of bees and butterflies. It’s a great choice for landscaping.

Double Late Tulips are a sight to behold with their impressive, peony-like flowers that grace sturdy stems, typically standing at heights of 14 to 20 inches. Blooming later in the season than their Double Early counterparts, these tulips offer a longer-lasting display. Double Late Tulip bulbs are highly sought-after for forcing cut flowers and bring elegance to borders. They create stunning combinations when paired with Single Late Tulips and Lily Flowering Tulips, adding depth and variety to your floral arrangements and garden landscapes.

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Additional information

Bloom Time

Late Spring


Average, Butterflies, Cut Flower, Deer Resistant, Fragrant, Mass Planting, Naturalizing, Partial Shade, Rabbit Resistant, Rock Garden, Rodent Resistant, Squirrel Resistant, Sun



Common name

Ornamental Onion

Hardiness Zone



24 Inches


10 Retail Packages of 25 Bulbs, Size 7/+, Bin Display Box of 250 Bulbs, Size 7/+

Planting Depth

6-8 Inches

Shipping Season



2-4 Inches


  • Allium bulbs, or ornamental onions, come in a wide range of flower shapes and sizes
  • wholesale allium bulbs are repellent to deers and rodents
  • Allium bulbs are return for many years
  • Plant allium bulbs in well drained soil
  • Ruigrok Flowerbulbs has been growing and trading flower bulbs since 1910