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Amaryllis Dutch ‘Samba’


Dutch Amaryllis bulbs bloom indoors during the winter season. Samba has beautiful red and white flowers. These giant bulbs will produce multiple flowers.

Our Jumbo Amaryllis bulbs, size 36/+, are the industry’s largest. They bloom in 10-12 weeks, producing 3-4 stems with multiple gorgeous flowers. Height reaches 24 inches (60 cm), width spans 8-10 inches (20-25 cm) for an impressive display.

The bulbs are individually labeled with colorful elastic tags, which makes them perfect for retail. They come in Holiday-themed display boxes of 10 bulbs, offering convenience and festive appeal.

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  • Jumbo Dutch Amaryllis bulbs, size 36/+
  • Take 10-12 weeks to bloom
  • 3 stems per bulb
  • 4 flowers per stem
  • Flower width of 8-10″
  • Plant height of 24″
  • Each bulb is individually labeled with a colorful elastic tag
  • Ideal for dry sale