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Amaryllis Dutch ‘Terra Cotta Star’


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As the name already suggest, this Amaryllis has a beautiful terracotta color. It’s a special one, since this red-brown color is not common in Amaryllises. A must-have for Amaryllis lovers!

Our jumbo amaryllis bulbs are a size 36/+, ensuring great growing results. The flower bulbs take 10-12 weeks to bloom after potting and will produce 3 to 4 stems per bulb which will produce multiple flowers per stem. The height will be around 24 inches (60 cm) and the width between 8-10 inches (20-25 cm).

Each bulb is individually labeled with a colorful elastic tag and is therefore very suitable for retail purposes. They come in beautiful display boxes that carry 10 bulbs per box and are an excellent addition to your Holiday assortment.

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Additional information

Bloom Time

Early Spring


Average, Container, Cut Flower, Indoor Forcing, Partial Shade, Sun, Warm Climate


brown, Orange, Red

Common name



cut, pot

Hardiness Zone



25 Inches


Display Box of 10 Bulbs, Size 36/+

Shipping Season



  • Jumbo Dutch Amaryllis bulbs, size 36/+
  • Wholesale bulbs for United States and Canada
  • Take 10-12 weeks to bloom
  • 3 stems per bulb
  • 4 flowers per stem
  • Flower width of 8-10″
  • Plant height of 24″
  • Each bulb is individually labeled with a colorful elastic tag
  • Delivered in Holiday themed display boxes
  • Ideal for dry sale