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Fritilaria Imperialis ‘Rubra Maxima’


Also known as ”Crown Imperialis”, this Fritilaria is a true eyecatcher in every park and garden. The bulbs scent keeps deer and rodents at a distance.

Fritilaria Imperialis are also known as Crown Imperials. Fritilaria bulbs grow mulitple, colorful flowers on Tall stems (36 inches). The flowers have an exotic look and are attractive to pollinators.

Fritilaria bulbs are best planted in borders at a focal point, they really steal the show. Combine them with other Spring flower bulbs to create stunning displays.

The scent of the bulbs is very repellent to deers and rodents. Fritilaria’s perennialize and will return for many years.

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  • Also known as Crown Imperials
  • Plant in borders at a focal point
  • Plant in well-drained soil in a sunny spot
  • Apply a 12 inch spread between the bulbs
  • Fritilaria bulbs return for many years
  • The flowers have an exotic look and attract bees and butterflies