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Scilla ‘Siberica Alba’

Siberian Squill

Scilla Siberica Alba is a perennial bulb, producing multiple flowers per stem. The bulbs flower in early Spring and are deer- and rodent-resistent.

Scilla bulbs flowers early in spring and produce 3-4 stems per bulb, with 3-5 bell-shaped flowers on each stem. The flowers come in beautiful bright blue and white colors.

Scillas are great for naturalizing, combine them with crocuses and daffodils.

Scilla bulbs are deer and rodent resistant and will return year after year.


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Growing Tips

Planting Depth: 4" (10cm) Spacing: 3-4" (7.5-10cm) Bloom Duration: 3 weeks

Additional information

Common name

Siberian Squill

Hardiness Zone



6 Inches


1 Inches

Planting Depth

2-4 Inches

Bloom Time

Early Spring

Shipping Season





Average, Container, Naturalizing, Partial Shade, Rock Garden, Sun


10 Retail Packages of 20 Bulbs, Size 8/+, Bin Display Box of 250 Bulbs, Size 8/+


  • Scilla Siberica bulbs flower early spring
  • Each bulb produces 3-4 stems, with 3-5 flowers per stem
  • Scilla bulbs are resistant to deers and rodents
  • Scilla bulbs are suitable for naturalizing
  • Scillas will return for several years
  • Have a look at our tips on planting and care