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Tulipa Emperor ‘Red Emperor’ (Madame Lefeber)


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Red Emperor is a bright red tulip variety with giant flowers on medium length stems. This variety is also known as Madame Lefeber, and is one of the most famous fosteriana tulips. 

Emperor Tulip bulbs boast majestic beauty with large, goblet-shaped flowers in vibrant hues. Their sturdy stems make them perfect for focal points in gardens and borders.

With a range of rich colors, from deep reds to bright yellows, Emperor Tulips bring a touch of grandeur to any setting. Experience their beauty in both indoor and outdoor spaces, making a lasting impression with their stunning display.

Emperor tulips bloom early in the season, making them an excellent choice for combining with hyacinths and daffodils.

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Additional information

Also known as

Madame Lefeber

Bloom Time

Early Spring


Average, Border or Bed, Mass Planting, Partial Shade, Sun



Common name


Companion Plant Name

Hyacinthus Orientalis 'White Pearl', Muscari Latifolium, Narcissi Large Cupped 'Cool Flame', Narcissi Trumpet 'Goblet', Tulipa Emperor 'Golden Emperor', Tulipa Emperor 'White Emperor'

Hardiness Zone



14 Inches


Box of 100 Bulbs, Size 12/+, Tray of 500 Bulbs, Size 12/+

Planting Depth

6-8 Inches

Shipping Season



3 Inches


  • Emperor tulips are also known as Fosteriana Tulips
  • They are early blooming and excellent for rock gardens, containers, beds and borders.
  • Emperor Tulip bulbs feature long-lasting flowers that will stand up even in severe weather conditions
  • Plant tulip bulbs in well-drained soil, fertilize in spring, and ensure the pointed end of the bulb faces up.
  • Our premium quality bulbs are available for wholesale customers in Canada and the USA