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Tulipa Long-lasting Mixture ‘All Season Red Mix’


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Our All Season Red Mix is a selection of our very best red Tulip varieties. This wholesale bulb blend will flower all Spring long. 

Our Long-lasting tulip mixes contain a stunning array of at least 7 different varieties, designed to provide constant color throughout the Spring season. The mixtures include tulip varieties from the Triumph, Darwin Hybrid, Double, Lily Flowering and Single Late tulip groups.

Order our bulk Tulip blends to easily create colorful displays that will bloom all spring.


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Additional information

Bloom Time

Early to Mid Season


Average, Mass Planting, Partial Shade, Sun



Common name


Hardiness Zone



14-24 Inches


Box of 100 Bulbs, Size 12/+, Tray of 500 Bulbs, Size 12/+

Planting Depth

6-8 Inches

Shipping Season



3 Inches


  • Our all season long-lasting tulip mixtures are composed of at least 7 different varieties
  • Designed to provide constant color from early to late spring.
  • Includes tulip cultivars from the Triumph, Darwin Hybrid, Double, Lily Flowering and Single Late Groups.
  • Our bulk tulip bulbs are top size (12/+ cm)
  • Plant them in well-drained soil, fertilize in spring, and ensure the pointed end faces up.
  • Our top-size tulip bulb blends (12/+ cm) are available for wholesale in Canada and the United States.