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Summer is bulb-harvest time!

As summer officially starts next week, we thought it was about time for a Ruigrok update! Spring 2022 has been super sunny, which resulted in early blooming daffodils, hyacinths and tulips! Compared to last year (when we had an extremely cold Spring), the fields bloomed about 10 days earlier.

Also, after 2 years of Covid with almost no foreign tourists in the Dutch Flowerbulb Region,  2022 turned out to be a great Spring, with people from all over the world visiting the Netherlands again. The roads through our colorful tulip fields were once again filled with loads of bicycles, cars and electric scooters, all enjoying the magic of Spring!

Keukenhof has welcomed over 1,1 million visitors this Spring, with people mainly coming from the Netherlands, UK, United States, Germany and France.

Our own show garden, the Tulip Barn has been a great succes this year! Although it was only the second season, lots of people – about 25.000 – found our place! In addition to visiting our colorful ‘’selfie- tulip field’’, we also invited people with a Tulip Barn ticket to make a tour along our Ruigrok production tulip fields, following a 2 km long hiking trail. It’s been a pleasure to welcome so many people of all ages at our family farm this Spring, and see so many happy faces enjoying our tulips and spending time outdoors.


We have just started our summer harvest last week and our crops look great so far! As of this week, we’ll start sorting, cleaning and grading our bulbs and we will also have millions of bulbs from fellow growers coming into our warehouse.

Because of the good harvest, we still have extensive availability! Make sure to contact us if you have any questions about forcing-, landscaping- or retail bulbs.

Now is the perfect time to place your order! The order deadline for pre-packed bulbs is July 15th. Ordering bulk bulbs is possible till August 28.

Order online

As of this year, it’s possible to easily place your order online via our new webshop! You can browse the assortment and select the bulbs and packaging of your choice.

Ordering from the US? Place your order via the webshop of ADR Bulbs.

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