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Summer Rush

As it’s August already, our summer rush continues.

We have finished our bulb harvest about 2 weeks ago, and are very content with the yield. We’ve harvested big and healthy bulbs which will certainly give good resultst coming Spring.

Currently we’re busy with quality control, making sure only the best bulbs reach our customers.  Bulb varieties from our fellow growers arrive in the warehouse everyday as well. Our first containers with early shipments are on their way across the ocean already.

Drysale production has started, our team is busy packing over 400 bulb varieties in boxes, crates and pre-packs, ready for retail. Drysale orders leave our warehouse mid-August

Right after, our bulk orders are coming up!

Haven’t placed your order yet? Make sure to contact our bulb experts! We can provide you with planting advice, what varieties to pick and any other questions you might have.

We still have lots of bulb varieties available, perfectly suitable for landscaping, parks and gardens. Looking for an easy solution? Try our bulb-mixtures! Carefully composed with the best matching colors, shapes and sizes, guaranteed to make impact. Combine our daffodil, hyacinth and tulip mixtures to have a blooming garden all Spring long.

With over 450 bulbs varieties and 45 bulb mixtures, you’ll find the perfect match for your landscaping project for sure!

Spring bulb mixture    tulip landscaping

Order online

Canadian customers can place their order via our webshop! Sign up to have a look into our assortment and prices.

Ordering from the United States? Check our US company ADR Bulbs.


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