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Time to order bulbs again!

Although the whole world is going through a disturbing period of time, Mother Nature just keeps
doing her thing. We have had beautiful, sunny Spring weather and it is now time to harvest and
process our bulbs again.
This is the time to place your bulb order for Fall shipping! Not sure what bulbs to plant the coming
season? We have got some inspiration for the most beautiful Spring displays!

Tulip displays
To enjoy your tulips all Spring, make sure to plant early varieties mixed with mid and late varieties.
Create some color blocks by planting different colors in rows, or mix varieties with each other.

We offer many tulip mixtures in all colors, shapes and sizes, which are carefully selected to help you
create head-turning Spring displays.
Didn’t find exactly what you’re looking for? We are more than happy to advise you and help create
custom-made bulb mixtures.

Returning bulbs
Looking for the best bulbs to plant in beds and borders? We offer many bulbs that will return for
several years. Crocuses and daffodils will show up early, marking the first signs of Spring. We offer
over 50 varieties of narcissus (unattractive to deer and rodents) and have selected some mixtures and varieties that
are perfect for mass-plantings.

Specialty bulbs
Searching for something different? We offer lots of specialty bulbs, guaranteed to make your garden
pop! Try combining Muscari bulbs with Tulips and Hyacinths for a playful effect. Or have a look at our
big and beautiful Alliums or Fritillarias.

Easily add the bulbs of your choice to your online list to request a quote, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Still need some help or advise? Feel free to contact our salesmen, we are here for you!

Best wishes,

The Ruigrok Team


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