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Great hyacinths

What’s not to love about hyacinths? There is nothing like these fragrant beauties to herald the spring! Their versatility and the wide range in different colors contribute to their popularity. Hyacinths are very welcome guests in any garden and brighten up many a floral arrangement. At our nursery, we grow over 55 acres of hyacinths. At Ruigrok Flowerbulbs, we specialize in hyacinth bulbs for greenhouse production, for both cut flowers and pots. After careful processing of the bulbs, now is the season they are ready for transport they are. It’s time to place your order. Curious about our top 5 hyacinths?

History of the hyacinth

The hyacinth originates from the eastern Mediterranean area, from Turkey to Lebanon. The Dutch cultivars that we know today descend from Hyacinthus orientalis, a blue species imported around the middle of the 16th century. A member of the Liliaceae family, the hyacinth winters in the form of a scaled bulb. Applying temperature treatments to produce hyacinths in greenhouses was introduced at the beginning of this century. Like the tulip and several other bulbous plants, the hyacinth itself does not produce a high quality flower nor sufficient stem length until the bulb is exposed to a period of low temperatures. This process is called “forcing“, a process Ruigrok Flowerbulbs has perfected over many years of experience.

Great hyacinths

Top 5 hyacinths

In April, our hyacinth growing fields bloomed abundantly. Hyacinths are of course renowned for their versatility in for instance (public) gardens, (outdoor) events and flower arrangements. We pride ourselves on our production and quality control processes that result in consistent high quality hyacinth bulbs. At the moment, our top 5 hyacinth varieties are:

  1. Pink Pearl
  2. White Pearl
  3. Delft Blue
  4. Jan Bos
  5. Blue Jacket

Production process hyacinths

The common method of propagation is cutting the “mother bulbs”. We carefully select high quality bulbs that are 100% virus and bacteria free. These bulbs are harvested in July. For the production of cut flowers for flower arrangements, the bulbs are forced into flower by use of a temperature treatment. After carefully cutting out the base of the bulbs, we plant them in forcing boxes and store them in climate controlled rooms for temperature treatment. As a result, a great number of little bulbs will then start to grow at the base of the bulb. These bulbs are then planted by hand in late November. Of course, we carefully monitor their progress on our growing fields, making sure the bulbs stay clean of viruses and infections.

The results of all our efforts are high quality, sturdy and durable hyacinths that deserve their spot in any garden or floral arrangement. We have many years of experience supplying to greenhouse growers, garden centers, landscape specialists and flower bulb retailers. Our flower bulbs have proven their quality and are planted at public and botanical gardens, parks, cemeteries and golf courses. The possibilities are endless. We have been exporting our bulbs to the U.S.A. and Canada since 1946.

Harvesting season Ruigrok Flowerbulbs

Harvesting time

Harvesting time is upon us now, which marks your opportunity to order your hyacinth bulbs now! For early shipment from the Netherlands, order before the deadline: July 20th. Order online through our U.S. wholesale branch A.D.R. Bulbs. Missed the deadline? No worries: A.D.R. Bulbs will stock a wide bulb assortment from August until early December. Canadian customers: contact Ruigrok Flowerbulbs for delivery. Please view our extensive online catalog to make your choice. Of course we are always more than happy to advise you or give you a quotation when needed. We would like to draw your attention to our bestsellers: our retail packages, especially composed and attractively packaged for the retail market.


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