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Crocus Species ‘Botanical Mixture’


Species Crocus are great for borders and naturalizing. The Botanical mix is a selection of the most beautiful species crocuses.

Small Flowering Crocus bulbs, also known as Species Crocus bulbs, herald the arrival of spring with their early blooms. These short-stemmed (4 inches) crocus bulbs are perfect for borders and naturalizing, creating vibrant displays when planted in large groups. Enjoy their colorful presence year after year as they return, provided the foliage is allowed to naturally wither away, adding enduring beauty to your landscape.

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  • Small Flowering Crocus bulbs can be used for borders and naturalizing
  • We offer top sized Species Crocus bulbs (6+)
  • Crocus bulbs prefer full sun but will also tolerate some shade, they need well-drained soil
  • Small Flowering Crocus bulbs can be scattered when planting
  • Crocus bulbs should be planted at a depth of double the height of the bulb
  • Crocus bulbs return for many years, and are therefore very suitable for use in city parks and borders