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Tulipa Parrot ‘Black Parrot’


Black Parrot is a popular Tulip variety in a dark, almost black color. This remarkable Tulip has big flowers and blooms late in the season.

Parrot Tulip bulbsfeature exceptionally large flowers adorned with bi-colored, irregularly shaped petals. When exposed to full sun, these tulips open up almost entirely and can reich heights ranging from 14 to 28 inches.

Flowering late in the season, Parrot Tulip bulbs thrive in sheltered locations, shielded from rain and wind.

These bulbs excel as cut flowers and make a stunning addition to borders. For a captivating and exotic display, consider planting them alongside Lily Flowering Tulips or Double Tulips.

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  • Parrot Tulips are exotic and versatile, with ruffled petals resembling a parrot’s wings.
  • They perennialize well in warm climates and pair beautifully with double tulips.
  • Plant them in well-drained soil, fertilize in spring, and ensure the pointed end faces up.
  • Our top-size Parrot Tulip bulbs (12/+ cm) are available for wholesale in Canada and the United States.