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Something new – The Tulip Barn

Step into the Rainbow Past Spring we have been busy with a new project of ours: The Tulip Barn! The Tulip Barn originally started as a place to offer tourists an alternative to make pictures in the middle of the…

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Seasonal Update – Harvest time!

Weather conditions It has been an extremely cold and late Spring this year, which has caused our tulips to be in bloom about two weeks later than normal. Also, due to the cold, our flowers have been blooming for an…

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Biggest Amaryllis bulbs!

Our dry-sale orders for the USA and Canada are packed and on the way across the ocean! This means we are getting ready for the next step in our production and export system; packing and shipping our wholesale Amaryllis orders!…

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Monthly Update July

A little later than planned, but here’s our monthly update for July! It has been an extra busy month! We have finished harvesting and cleaning our tulip bulbs and just started packing our dry-sale orders. Packing & shipping In July…

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Landscaping with Hyacinths

Hyacinth harvest Our Hyacinth field, Spring 2020 We have started harvesting and processing our Hyacinth bulbs again, and will start packing in a few weeks time. If you haven’t place your order yet, now is the moment! And definitely make…

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Monthly update June – Harvest Season

In June it's all hands on deck! Due to the beautiful weather we had in Spring, the harvest season at our bulb nursery started quite early this year. We began digging the first crocus bulbs on June 3rd, and continued…

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Meet our top 5 Darwin Hybrid Tulips!

In this article we would like to introduce you to our top 5 Darwin Hybrid tulips. These bulbs are all grown at our own farm and of top quality! 1. Pink Impression Pink Impression must be our absolute favorite pink…

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Time to order bulbs again!

Although the whole world is going through a disturbing period of time, Mother Nature just keeps doing her thing. We have had beautiful, sunny Spring weather and it is now time to harvest and process our bulbs again. This is…

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Monthly Update May

Monthly update May After a busy May period, summer is awaiting us! We have had perfect weather here almost all of the month, which made our work of inspecting our fields a true pleasure! During April and May we walk…

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